The founder of Amberfox SIA “Izsoļu nams” has been the largest organizer of art and antique auctions in the Baltic States since 2008. Jewelery is a special art form that combines both the unique beauty of gemstones created by nature and the exquisite work of a jeweler, so we decided that jewelery should give a special place in our company and create their own site. This is not only a shop where you can buy high-quality jewelry, but also a virtual exhibition where you can see outstanding and interesting works and get acquainted with articles about various gemstones.

"The love for jewelery began as a child, when the biggest prize was the opportunity to browse my grandmother's jewelry box. I gradually started to focus on the research of precious stones and jewelry, working with antiques, I am currently a certified gem specialist at GIA (Gemology Institute of America), the world's leading institute of precious stones expertise. Precious stones for me is not only a job, it is also a passion and passion, and a relentless interest in learning something new. For years I have been working in the world of art, working with man-made beauty, working with precious stones is also an opportunity to encounter the beauty of nature every day. Jewelry is unique in that it combines the aesthetics created by both man-artist and nature, which allows us to wear art every day. ” Līva Veiherte - Grīnberga, Amberfox manager